Rosalind Crisp workshop

ROSALIND CRISP has been invited by Collective Endeavours in association with Scottish Dance Theatre and the Work Room to teach a weekend workshop in March 2018.

Rosalind Crisp workshop

Rosalind Crisp is based between Berlin and Marlo (Australia). She trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Contact improvisation, Release, Body Mind Centering®. Rosalind established the Omeo Dance studio in Sydney, place of residence for her research and site for the development of a community of dance artists in Australia (1996-2004). She was the associate artist of the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson in Paris (2004-2012), touring her company throughout Europe and Australia. Rosalind is sought after for her dance method and performance works. In 2016 the French Ministry of Culture celebrated her with a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres (Dame of the Arts).

The foundation of Rosalind’s work is her ongoing studio research practice. For thirty years she has been deconstructing her dancing body, evolving a field of choreographic principles and tools that offer a great degree of creative autonomy to dance and movement artists. Her choreographic improvisation tools subvert embodied patterns, enable movement to be sourced from anywhere in the body, bring attention to the continual flow of information emanating from the body itself, offer ways to navigate between sensation, imagination and the compositional palette, and, with practice, develop a capacity to go beyond the ‘rules’.

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