Another test page, to be used as the homepage for the purposes of this test website. To fill up the page, here’s some info from the Scottish Centre for Geopeotics, whose website I’m working on:

The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics was established in 1995 by Tony McManus and others and is affiliated to the International Institute of Geopoetics founded by Kenneth White in 1989.

The geopoetic project is not one more contribution to the cultural variety show, nor is it a literary school, nor is it concerned with poetry as an art of intimacy. It is a major movement involving the very foundations of human life on earth.

Inaugural text of the International Institute of Geopoetics.

The Scottish Centre for Geopooetics is a network of individuals who share a common interest in developing an understanding of geopoetics as the creative expression of the Earth and applying it in their lives. We organise talks, discussions, day and weekend events, conferences and courses, including field work in interesting places, which are designed to extend our knowledge and experience of geopoetics.

We have members in England, Wales, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Canada and Australia as well as throughout Scotland and we welcome new members from all over the world.

You can join us and become a member by using the membership application form on our membership page. You can also come along to any of our events and browse our online publication, Stravaig.

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The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics is a membership organisation which relies on members’ subscriptions to fund its activities which are carried out by volunteers. Its purpose is to raise awareness of geopoetics as a crucial way to approach and respond creatively to the natural world of which we are part.

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